I switched from Poole to Hugo as my static site generator.

I think Poole was a good site generator to start building a blog from the technical perspective - it didn’t take a lot of time (some hours) to get from zero to publishing my first post via GitHub Pages. But over the course of the last few months, I learned that I couldn’t easily include my own pictures in posts and that support for MathJax was not going to happen with poole.

So, the next step is Hugo which has - at least from my current point of view - a lot of advantages:

The documentation is much more extensive and after a few hours of studying the Quickstart Guide and building a sample website, I think I’m good to go. Hugo comes with a lot of neat themes - in contrast to just two themes shown on the Poole website. Including pictures is easy and well documented and I saw on the Hugo website that MathJax is supported as well.